Emerald Claw Pathfinder

Threats and war crimes. Or Episode 6.

Torture isn't always necessary?

The next morning, Artyom successfully removed the parasite from Lock while the rest of the group dealt with the filthy transient hobos that kept coming to get food and shelter. After the surgery, Artyom discovered that the damage done to Lock’s nervous system was permanent, and he was restrained.

Artyom then studied and took apart the Intelligent undead he made from Lord Raith’s bones and learned how to make a new kind of undead. While the research was going on, 47, Lukas, and Caspar went looking for the corpse of the “Thinking God,” and Nikolay watched the soup kitchen’s “guests.” When the three corpse retrievers returned, Artyom immediately turned the corpse into an undead minion and everyone packed up and headed back to Vedykar.

The group settled back into Artyom’s townhouse, and Artyom started research on the VU-47 unit and for a way for Rimefire Skeletons to not emanate cold all of the time. After a week of studying, Artyom and Lukas find a way for the Skeletons to not emanate cold when they are created. They also discovered that 47 had a built in necromantic supernatural ability attached to a timer with a little over 71 years left on it.

Caspar then let the group know that Alexander wanted to meet in a few days. The group met with Alexander in the usual place, and he explained their next mission. They were to go offer their services to a Captain Sergei Soletov, who was arrested for war crimes recently. They were also to see if he was just following the orders of Colonel Ruslan Ahshev. Captain Soletov had been accused of murdering a whole village of Cantana (Lhazaarian ethnic minority in Karrnath) by the name of Lethe in north east Karrnath near the Iceflow River. The group agreed to take on the job and released Lock and the Zombie of Savinal into the Order’s care.

The group then went to the courthouse, and Lukas offered to represent Sergeant Soletov. Lukas and Artyom were then lead to his holding room to speak with him. Lukas asked him about the incident, and Soletov told them that he was just following orders and that the written orders had been stolen by a man named Alexi Skrimshaw. This happened after a particularly strange and violent battle with Aundairian troops in the town of Longview. He then told Lukas that as far as he knew, Skrimshaw took off and he had no idea where he went. He suggested they talk to a person from his unit by the name of Viktor Osankov. They then went home and told the others what they had learned.

The group then headed north to a little village named High Mill to speak with Viktor Osankov. After some searching, the group found the little farmhouse where the Osankav family lives. The group sat down with Viktor and asked him about the events and what he remembered. He told them about the incident, and that he remembered Soletov being upset when he received the written order to sack the village. He also told the group that last he had heard Alexi Skrimshaw most likely went to Korth because that was where he was from. The group thanks him, and Artyom gives him something to help with the pain of his old wounds. The group then rode south back to Vedykar and caught the lightning rail to Korth.

Upon reaching Korth, Lukas used his knowledge of all things illegal and asked around about Mr. Skrimshaw and places where they could acquire black market goods. After some dealing, botched tailing, and some threats, Artyom finds that Mr. Skrimshaw would be meeting a person hired to tail them in an old, burned-out building. The group waited and introduced themselves in the normal fashion: intimidation and murder. After some “coaxing” and “polite” conversation, Mr. Skrimshaw told them that the documents they wanted were indeed in another castle and that they would have to go deal with a band of brigands by the name of the Laughing Band. Artyom and Skrimshaw then came to an agreement of 4000 gold coins and 10% of his monthly earnings in exchange for his life.


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