Emerald Claw Pathfinder

Threats and torture. Or episode 7 and 8.

Artyom decides to torture some people. Even after death.

The group waited a day then went to meet with Alexi Skrimshaw at the set place and time. When they arrived a messenger gave them a message from Mr. Skrimshaw that explained that he would “never be in the same room” as the group again and good luck trying to find him. Artyom put Skrimshaw’s disobedience on the back burner and the group headed for Waystone to interrogate Bruhn.

Upon reaching Waystone, the group was told that Bruhn was away and would be back in a few days to a week. The group waited “patiently” and ambushed Bruhn in his apartment with spells and VU-47. After a short discussion, Bruhn spilled the beans and told the group what they wanted to know. He also told them that he had always dreamed that he could fly and since his encounter with the Laughing Band he gained this ability and thought that “it was dull.” This worried the group and Artyom mentioned that maybe the Fey in the band somehow stole Bruhn’s dreams. The group disembarked and headed the Rotwood.

They traveled for many days and eventually came upon the “shit hunters” (a slang term for lower class reagent foragers) camp just inside of the Rotwood. The group did like Bruhn said and the Fey creatures came running. The group fought the beasts and the shit hunters and were victorious with many undead casualties, including the best of them all… Good Ol’ Butch. The group then interrogated and tortured the survivors getting only that the document would be in the Fey leader’s desk and that the location was in “This general area.” One of the captured foragers named Byron pleaded for his wife Natasha to be spared, saying that he would bring them to they fey leader Paronel. Artyom made the Byron of the Shit Hunters and his wife into Karrnathi Zombies so they would show the group to Paronel, planning to murder him and take the document. Artyom then made a few exceptional undead with the dead fey, and they headed south deeper into the Rotwood. Zombie Byron begrudgingly led the way.


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