Emerald Claw Pathfinder

Looking for the right man. Or Episode 3, 4, and 5.

Everything that lives underground is horrible...

The group met Alexander at the local Emerald Claw friendly pub for their next assignment. When they entered the seedy back room of the establishment they noticed an unfamiliar face. Alexander explained that the man’s name is Nikolay and that he would be joining them on their new assignment. Alexander then told our intrepid heroes that he needed them to head to Karrlakton to find a missing agent by the name of Pavalok Kron (Lock). The group agreed and headed out with their new comrade in tow.

Upon reaching Karrlakton Artyom rented a small townhouse and then they started their investigation. After some corpse theft at the local morgue, bar hopping, some intimidation and a couple of bribes the group found out about a local soup kitchen run by “The Sisters of Mercy” and that Lock had been recruiting some it’s regulars for “labor.” Nikolay and Caspar were then sent in as down on their luck travelers. After some observation of the people and polite conversation with the nurse on duty Nikolay noticed that the people were moving sluggishly and that it may be due to drugging or poisoning.

In the mean time Artyom performed an autopsy on the the corpse they pilfered from the city morgue and found out that this corpse was once a host to a necromantic parasite most likely implanted by a being called a Shogaraut (A piece of a stillborn god called an Atropal). Artyom and Lukas were then visited by an old “acquaintance” of Artyom’s, a rare if not unique Boneforged Warforged by the name of VU-47. After some minor introductions Number 47 is accepted into the house and stood in the corner staring at Artyom for the rest of the evening.

Nikolay and Caspar returned and relayed the information they had gained from the Sister’s soup kitchen and the group had a discussion about the general well being and health of the overall populous of Karrlakton. The group then decided that due to the cities proximity to the Mournelands people are overcome by some kind of magical effect that causes sluggishness and depression. Nikolay and Caspar then decided to head back to the soup kitchen to not raise suspicion and Artyom suggested it would be safer to send 47 with them this time as reconnaissance and it backfired right in their faces when a black cloaked humanoid attacks 47 from behind and fills the area with darkness. The group eventually cornered and killed the assailant as well as taking a smaller cloaked figure captive. After some “interrogation” the group let the little thing go and had 47 follow it. 47 returned letting the group know that the little thing entered a small door at the back of the Sister’s soup kitchen and that he knows where they hid the key.

The group waited until dark and headed for the soup kitchen. They entered from the back and killed the guards including an former Sentinel Marshall by the name of Lord Raith. Artyom asked a captive a few questions and is told about “The Thinking God” then mercifully suffocated him. They then start to search the premises and are interrupted by the Matron of the establishment Matron Corine and Artyom gave 47 the kill order and she was abruptly liberated from life. The group found an old storage room and Lukas used a spell to detect secret doors and one is found. They continue down into a cave which most likely lead into the Underdark where they are attacked by some Gricks and an Umberhulk. After they are dealth with the group continued on until they enter a large room inhabited by an Otyugh and a bunch of those cloaked humanoids.

After a tough battle the group was victorious and search the rest of the rooms where they found a strange gnome looking thing molding bone like it was clay and Lock standing in the corner watching. The gnome like creature was rendered unconscious and “interrogated” by Artyom and mind read by Lucas where they find out that the “Thinking God” is a dead Mindflayer locked in a room below. Artyom examined Lock and determined that he was infested with a parasite and will try to extract it the following morning after some well deserved rest. The next morning Artyom raised some undead minions and started getting ready for Lock’s surgery.


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