Emerald Claw Pathfinder

Good old fashioned corpse robbery. Or episode 2.

Some of the group become "gainfully employed."

After a week of well deserved R&R in the “lovely” city of Vedykar, our intrepid heroes receive a letter from a member of the Order to meet in a well known bar. They meet with their contact Alexander Karlov, and he explains the situation: People in this part of Karrnath are succumbing to a virulent plague, and many of them are dying. The House Jorasco clinic is treating “as many as they can” and disposing of the rest by contracting an outside courier company to deliver them to an unknown location for incineration. The Order would like the group to secretly obtain a shipment of said plague ridden corpses and deliver them to a secret rendezvous point. The group agrees and sits around to plan the heist.

After a few drinks and some polite conversation Artyom suggests that he infiltrates the local Jurasco Clinic to make friends and find out which courier company is transporting the bodies. Artyom successfully infiltrates (applies for a position as a nurse and gets hired) the clinic and easily makes friends with the other orderlies. After a few days, Artyom is invited to the local pub for drinks with his new found friends. He quickly tells Cas and Luke to meet him there, and a lovely time is had by all.

Near the end of the night, Artyom (through is winning personality and natural-born charm) singles out a nurse who is sympathetic to their cause. He buys her a few more drinks and she starts talking politics. In her mild rant about how “Us Karrns are relying too much on outsiders” she mentions that the plague corpses are being removed from the clinic by a courier bearing the mark of a purple griffon. Relieved, the group waits a polite amount of time before calling it a night.

The group decides to let Cas get a job at said courier to find out who is taking the delivery. Cas is successfully hired and finds out who the drivers will be and where they like to go for drinks after work. Artyom them makes a mild poison that should give the two delivery men a good old fashioned case of the runs and Luke slips it into their food and drink the night before. Cas is then asked to drive one of the Corpse Carts in place of the two “sick” drivers. The group then decides that they are going to drug the other driver and switch out the plague corpses for old corpses. Artyom then contacts Alexander and asks him if they can get a couple carts full of old corpses and a wand of Restore Corpse. Alexander agrees and Artyom whips up a sedative and mixes it in with some whiskey.

During the trip, Cas has a bit of trouble convincing Mike (the other driver) to drink the laced whiskey. Through peer pressure and general hazing, Cas eventually gets the other driver to drink the sedative laced adult beverage and they steal the bodies, switching them with the dummy corpses. Cas then wakes up Mike and they deliver the goods. Meanwhile Artyom and Lukas deliver the plague corpses to a man in black riding on a skeletal horse. Artyom sighs in admiration and they return to Vedykar.

Downtime Shenanigans

Artyom studies the body of the nonsense chanter and finds a strange suppressible/dispersible divination aura on all dead bodies that for some reason only he can see.

Caspar does some drinking.

Lukas learns some new spells.


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