Emerald Claw Pathfinder

A note, an offer, cold blooded murder and the desecration of corpses. Or Episode 1.

So. A lawyer, a "paladin" and a necromancer walk into a bar.

Our intrepid “heroes” (?) Artyom the Necromancer, Lukas the Lawyer, and Caspar the now paladin of Vol and former paladin of Boldrei are asked by Dimitri Arahn an agent of the Order of the Emerald Claw to help rid Karrnath of Marcus ir’Laneski. Dimitri expains to the group that ir’Laneski is a Karrnathi official who supports the decommission of Karrnath’s Necroarsenal and King Kaius III’s order to ban the Blood of Vol. The group agrees and Artyom is barely able to hide his excitement when Dimitri mentions that one of the guards will be a Bugbear from the Lhesh Haruuc’s elite soldiers. The group agrees and spends the next day preparing for the journey and task at hand.

The group meets at the designated spot a few days later, and they begin their journey across Karrnath’s “beautiful” countryside to Lakeside. When they get to their destination Dimitri lets them know that he will scout up ahead and let them know when the caravan with ir’Laneski is near. Mr. Tenenbaum (Lukas) sends his feathered friend Mordecai the Raven to fly around and do bird stuff. After doing bird stuff Mordecai comes back and reports that Dimitri spent about 15 minutes arguing and yelling at a tree. Telling it “Not to bring his mother into this”. The group, slightly confused at what is going on, decide to have Mordecai keep an eye out on the well adjusted and totally sane individual “just in case”. Artyom then has the group hide his three skeletal minions in the middle of the pathway by covering them with dirt and leaves.

When the caravan shows up, the guards notice that something is amiss and combat ensues. The group only suffers one casualty: poor, poor Skeleton minion number one. The group loot the bodies and divvy up the goods, Artyom taking the Bugbear and two of the soldiers while Caspar and Lukas take some of their equipment to fence later on, like normal people. Dimitri interrogates/reads ir’Laneski’s mind with some strange whisper magic and subsequently breaks his neck. Artyom then finds a strange box glowing with a magical aura in the back of their newly acquired caravan and has his good friend and trusty minion Skeleton number two open it. When nothing happens, Artyom wakes the last surviving unconscious caravan guard and has him open it to tell him what is inside. When nothing happens, he kills the guard and gives the box to Dimitri, who explains that it is a magic item that is used to secretly disrupt the magic used to create some of the necroarsenal.

Dimitri then tells the group that ir’Laneski knew of the whereabouts of Brother Savinal the Blesser, a cleric of Boldrei that is an avid supporter of the destruction of the necroarsenal and part of a growing trend of sovereign host clerics from other countries coming and trying to seduce the people away from the Blood of Vol. Dimitri asks the group to help end his assistance and they agree. During the travels, Dimitri lets the group know that Brother Savinal will be accompanied by two Holy Zealots of Boldrei and a bunch of commoners who just can’t get enough of him.

Worried about the zealots, Artyom replenishes his minion ranks with some healthy necromantic rituals and dark magic. Worried about Savinal’s ability to detect evil auras, Artyom decides to have his Skeletal friends load up the new acquired caravan with earth so that they can hide behind it, then casts undetectable alignment on himself and Caspar so they may ambush the oncoming group of goodie goodies without risking early detection. The plan works reasonably well and combat breaks out. Just as our intrepid heroes think they have the upper hand one of the commoners starts panicking and muttering nonsense that just happens to be some words of power, stunning the group for several seconds. Luckily for them Artyom’s most capable friend and companion Bugbear Skeleton Butch was immune to the nonsense words and continued to do what he does best, liberating jerks of their wretched existences. When the mumbling magic savant breathes his last breath, the area erupts in a torrent of magical energies bleaching the flora in the area and rendering the heroes unconscious for a short period of time. After some recovery, the group mourns the loss of Skeletal Minions 1-4 and loot the dead. They gather what they need and in Artyom’s case want and then leave for the lightning rail to meet up in a nearby city of Vedykar.


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