Emerald Claw Pathfinder

A ton of shit has happened. Or episode 9 through... I dunno at least 20.
Kidnapping, grave robbing, treasure hunting, war crimes, more war crimes, and a lot of murder. I mean a fucking ton of murder.

The reluctant Byron led our intrepid heroes deep into the forest towards Parenal’s Den? Glade? Yurt? The heroes found the Fey trash, killed him and retrieved the documents they were looking for. Artyom then turned the nature loving fey hippie into a skeletal archer and decided to wear his strangely light and comfortable armor. After some looting and tormenting of Byron, our heroes made the trek back to Karrnath.

Upon returning to Vedykar, Lukas gave Alexander the documents proving that Sergeant Stoletov was just following orders. Later Alexander explained that Sergeant Stoletov needed to be found guilty in order for him to become some kind of unique undead. Artyom was a bit torn between his patriotism and his love for necromancy. His love of necromancy eventually won out and he decided that Stoletov needed to be executed for “the greater good.”

Lukas was then tasked with the defense of Sergeant Stoletov as a “war criminal,” and Stoletov was sentenced to death by public drowning. The group went to the public executions after Artyom made some comments about Lhazaarians being a “bunch of barbaric savages.” During the execution some “comedians” by the name FUCKED TO DEATH BY OTYUGHS… <cough> I mean Rebo and Zootie made a mockery of the whole thing by adding a “comedic” wah-wah at the moment of Stoletov’s death. Assholes raw, the group headed back to Vedykar.

After a little rest, Alexander contacted the group and tasked them with stealing Stoletov’s drowned corpse to let Artyom do what he does best. The group then headed back to Thrane.

They then gathered as much information as they could about the transportation of Stoletov’s corpse and headed to a small fishing village in the northern part of Aundair to intercept the transport. After some bribes and the healing of a child’s blindness in order to curry favor with one of the village’s captains, they decided the best way to acquire the corpse was to kill everyone on the boat and fake a sinking. After a fight on the ship called “The Blue Wyvern” (against a blue wyvern), they acquired the corpse. Artyom then turned the ships’ crew into a literal skeleton crew and had them sail out a few miles so VU could turn it into a fucked to death pile of burning caca. He did.

Artyom then gave Stoletov’s corpse to Alexander and was asked to use an open ended scroll of Create Undead on the corpse. Artyom did so and Stoletov became something unique and interesting. Artyom did a bit of studying and then our heroes decided it was time to try their hands at some treasure hunting.

The group ended up going to a forbidden or cursed or whatever forest where they found a strange prismatic door pouring out waves of raw arcane energy corrupting and or killing everything around it. After Nikolai almost dying and a scuffle with the indigenous wildlife, the group decided to leave with the only loot they found: some displacer beast corpses they had made the “Shard of Darkness”. and the “Blasphemer’s Gauntlets”.

The group then decided it was time to hunt down Mr. Skrimshaw. A bit of detective work and some scrying resulted in the success in finding the turd’s location, and VU was sent in to liberate him. Artyom and VU then tortured, belittled and forced him to accompany them in their next endeavor in order for him to become strong enough to turn into an intelligent undead. A treasure hunting trip to beautiful monster infested Droam commenced.

In Droam, our “Just” “Adventurers” spoke with some shit covered savage ogres and trolls then headed south to the Droamish swamps where an ancient temple of Vol was rumored to be. The temple was eventually discovered after what seemed to be ages of marching through sticky, stinky, foul muck. Unfortunately, the temple was occupied by some ogres that needed to be murdered and looted of their corpses and valuables. Artyom made some undead out of the corpses, and they gave the temple a thorough searching.

A cave heading deeper underground was found, and they decided to explore the bowels of what may have been Khyber. Our heroes fought some creatures and a monstrous humanoid abomination made out of stone and had to retreat. Byron unfortunately didn’t make it. Skrimshaw then started to complain and whine about the situation and VU decided it was good to ruin him with excessive abuse and torture. Artyom, still butt-hurt about the defeat, took his aggression out on Skrimshaw, cutting his throat and reprimanding VU. VU was less than pleased with the situation. After some group therapy and the creation of a powerful undead made from the corpse of a Dispalcer Beast matron, the anus-sore adventurers gave the stone monstrosity another go and succeeded.

Lukas then decided to scry on one of the black shards they found in the temple and found the whereabouts of an Ogre Magi. The group hunted down said ogre, killed him and his friends, and took their stuff. Artyom found some necromantic journals and a large black orb about one foot in diameter with a powerful necromantic aura on it. While Lukas was digging through ogre shit and other refuse for scraps of shit covered paper, Artyom examined the orb and found out it was called the “Mouth of Shadow” a very old necromantic artifact that empowered undead upon their creation. The group decided it was time to get the hell out of the disgusting swamp and head back to civilization.

Before they could leave, they were attacked by a Half-Dragon and his thralls. Fucking goody goody adventurers always fucking up the show. The dragonman was dispatched and the group made friends with a lightning throwing half-orc named Brask. The group then made their way to civilization, and Artyom decided that the giant skeletal beast he made was too conspicuous and let it go into the wild. Upon reacing the Eldeen border, they encountered boarder guards who made Artyom get rid of his wonderful Skeletal Steeds before letting them pass. Artyom reluctantly obliged them, and the group was on its way without further incident. They got out of Eldeen as fast as they could and made their way to Sharn for a bit of rest and relaxation.

Upon entering Sharn they found out that the war had started up again in their short absence. The group was then approached by a person having people sign a petition against a Church of Vol located in the cogs. Most of the group signed the document and Artyom followed the piece of shit into an ally where he pumped him full of necromantic energy and removed all flesh from his corpse before stuffing his bones into a bag of holding. The group later used shrink item and a mortar and pestle to dispose of the body. Artyom then decided he wanted to visit said Church of Vol, and they listened to a nice sermon. Afterwords, Artyom had a nice chat with the priest, and decided that he wanted to give a sermon to the people attending the church. After Artyom’s sermon, the priest told him of the previous priest Gath and that there was an old sanctum where Gath use to bind demons and research necromancy. Intrigued, Artyom spoke with the group and they decided it was worth investigating.

Upon entering Gath’s sanctum they were attacked by some demons and devils which they dispatched with some effort. After some careful searching they locate some books about binding demons, devils and elementals into magically gifted individuals through some ritual scarring along with some research describing how to bind things called hollow and creating a fel-blood necropolitan. Artyom and Lukas decided to take some time researching the necromantic books they found and Caspar decided to take a walk.

During Caspar’s walk, he came across a mugging where he decided to mug the muggers. Afterwords, the mugee took Caspar for a paladin and asked him to help rid his village of a vampire that had been plaguing them. The benevolent being he was, Caspar agreed. Caspar then told his band of fellow heroes about the vampire issue and Artyom insisted that they rid the world of that foul abomination for painfully esoteric religious reasons.

Our heroes then traveled to a small village to meet with the bumpkins with the vampire problem. They explained that the vampire is the lord of the town and he has plagued them for decades. They came to terms, and the group went to meet with said vampire. Through some “diplomacy,” they found out that the vampire was just a guy pretending to be a vampire in order to discourage rebellion and obfuscate his inability to keep his townsfolk safe from some wandering aberrations in a nearby cave. The manpire then offered the adventurers some money, corpses, and the location of a dragon corpse as payment to rid the cave of monsters as well as their silence about his non-vampirism.

The group agreed and the cave was cleared with little effort. After they received their payment the group decided it was time to let the village know that the lord was a hoax. The townsfolk then tried to poison the group with a sedative in order to rid them of their “vampiric enthrallment.” Brask decided it was hilarious and continued to drink the sedative-laced drink, eventually passing out. Artyom then may have overreacted a bit by killing everyone in the village along with the lord and everyone in his estate. The group then covered it up as much as they could by dressing some soldiers up as Thraneish templar and leaving a dead shifter to be found.

Upon returning to Vedykar, Artyom turned one of his more insolent intelligent undead into a statue and released the other into the Mournlands. Alexander then got in touch with Artyom and tasked them with starting some conflict between Valanar and Q’barra in order to release some of the tension Valanar was putting on Karrnath. The group agreed and decided to head out in a few days.

Artyom and Lukas then bound some outsiders to the various magically-inclined members of the group, and they then set out for Q’barra via lightning rail and then Dwarvish train. Upon reaching Q’barra, some mercenaries were hired and Lukas did some reconnaissance using his magic and clever disguises. The group then made their way south to a Valanar-controlled bridge on the Valanar/Q’barra border where they killed everyone including the mercenaries. They then took some time removing the ears of the elves and desecrating corpses to make it look like a Q’barran raid before they left to go back to Wyrmwatch. They then planted the captains ancestral armor and weapon (along with a necklace of elven ears) in the lizardman captain’s shack. The Valanar showed up soon after, resulting in the death of the lizardman captain. They then stormed out with their noses up in the air. The group decided that was enough/hoped that it was enough and headed off back to Vedykar.

Threats and torture. Or episode 7 and 8.
Artyom decides to torture some people. Even after death.

The group waited a day then went to meet with Alexi Skrimshaw at the set place and time. When they arrived a messenger gave them a message from Mr. Skrimshaw that explained that he would “never be in the same room” as the group again and good luck trying to find him. Artyom put Skrimshaw’s disobedience on the back burner and the group headed for Waystone to interrogate Bruhn.

Upon reaching Waystone, the group was told that Bruhn was away and would be back in a few days to a week. The group waited “patiently” and ambushed Bruhn in his apartment with spells and VU-47. After a short discussion, Bruhn spilled the beans and told the group what they wanted to know. He also told them that he had always dreamed that he could fly and since his encounter with the Laughing Band he gained this ability and thought that “it was dull.” This worried the group and Artyom mentioned that maybe the Fey in the band somehow stole Bruhn’s dreams. The group disembarked and headed the Rotwood.

They traveled for many days and eventually came upon the “shit hunters” (a slang term for lower class reagent foragers) camp just inside of the Rotwood. The group did like Bruhn said and the Fey creatures came running. The group fought the beasts and the shit hunters and were victorious with many undead casualties, including the best of them all… Good Ol’ Butch. The group then interrogated and tortured the survivors getting only that the document would be in the Fey leader’s desk and that the location was in “This general area.” One of the captured foragers named Byron pleaded for his wife Natasha to be spared, saying that he would bring them to they fey leader Paronel. Artyom made the Byron of the Shit Hunters and his wife into Karrnathi Zombies so they would show the group to Paronel, planning to murder him and take the document. Artyom then made a few exceptional undead with the dead fey, and they headed south deeper into the Rotwood. Zombie Byron begrudgingly led the way.

Threats and war crimes. Or Episode 6.
Torture isn't always necessary?

The next morning, Artyom successfully removed the parasite from Lock while the rest of the group dealt with the filthy transient hobos that kept coming to get food and shelter. After the surgery, Artyom discovered that the damage done to Lock’s nervous system was permanent, and he was restrained.

Artyom then studied and took apart the Intelligent undead he made from Lord Raith’s bones and learned how to make a new kind of undead. While the research was going on, 47, Lukas, and Caspar went looking for the corpse of the “Thinking God,” and Nikolay watched the soup kitchen’s “guests.” When the three corpse retrievers returned, Artyom immediately turned the corpse into an undead minion and everyone packed up and headed back to Vedykar.

The group settled back into Artyom’s townhouse, and Artyom started research on the VU-47 unit and for a way for Rimefire Skeletons to not emanate cold all of the time. After a week of studying, Artyom and Lukas find a way for the Skeletons to not emanate cold when they are created. They also discovered that 47 had a built in necromantic supernatural ability attached to a timer with a little over 71 years left on it.

Caspar then let the group know that Alexander wanted to meet in a few days. The group met with Alexander in the usual place, and he explained their next mission. They were to go offer their services to a Captain Sergei Soletov, who was arrested for war crimes recently. They were also to see if he was just following the orders of Colonel Ruslan Ahshev. Captain Soletov had been accused of murdering a whole village of Cantana (Lhazaarian ethnic minority in Karrnath) by the name of Lethe in north east Karrnath near the Iceflow River. The group agreed to take on the job and released Lock and the Zombie of Savinal into the Order’s care.

The group then went to the courthouse, and Lukas offered to represent Sergeant Soletov. Lukas and Artyom were then lead to his holding room to speak with him. Lukas asked him about the incident, and Soletov told them that he was just following orders and that the written orders had been stolen by a man named Alexi Skrimshaw. This happened after a particularly strange and violent battle with Aundairian troops in the town of Longview. He then told Lukas that as far as he knew, Skrimshaw took off and he had no idea where he went. He suggested they talk to a person from his unit by the name of Viktor Osankov. They then went home and told the others what they had learned.

The group then headed north to a little village named High Mill to speak with Viktor Osankov. After some searching, the group found the little farmhouse where the Osankav family lives. The group sat down with Viktor and asked him about the events and what he remembered. He told them about the incident, and that he remembered Soletov being upset when he received the written order to sack the village. He also told the group that last he had heard Alexi Skrimshaw most likely went to Korth because that was where he was from. The group thanks him, and Artyom gives him something to help with the pain of his old wounds. The group then rode south back to Vedykar and caught the lightning rail to Korth.

Upon reaching Korth, Lukas used his knowledge of all things illegal and asked around about Mr. Skrimshaw and places where they could acquire black market goods. After some dealing, botched tailing, and some threats, Artyom finds that Mr. Skrimshaw would be meeting a person hired to tail them in an old, burned-out building. The group waited and introduced themselves in the normal fashion: intimidation and murder. After some “coaxing” and “polite” conversation, Mr. Skrimshaw told them that the documents they wanted were indeed in another castle and that they would have to go deal with a band of brigands by the name of the Laughing Band. Artyom and Skrimshaw then came to an agreement of 4000 gold coins and 10% of his monthly earnings in exchange for his life.

Looking for the right man. Or Episode 3, 4, and 5.
Everything that lives underground is horrible...

The group met Alexander at the local Emerald Claw friendly pub for their next assignment. When they entered the seedy back room of the establishment they noticed an unfamiliar face. Alexander explained that the man’s name is Nikolay and that he would be joining them on their new assignment. Alexander then told our intrepid heroes that he needed them to head to Karrlakton to find a missing agent by the name of Pavalok Kron (Lock). The group agreed and headed out with their new comrade in tow.

Upon reaching Karrlakton Artyom rented a small townhouse and then they started their investigation. After some corpse theft at the local morgue, bar hopping, some intimidation and a couple of bribes the group found out about a local soup kitchen run by “The Sisters of Mercy” and that Lock had been recruiting some it’s regulars for “labor.” Nikolay and Caspar were then sent in as down on their luck travelers. After some observation of the people and polite conversation with the nurse on duty Nikolay noticed that the people were moving sluggishly and that it may be due to drugging or poisoning.

In the mean time Artyom performed an autopsy on the the corpse they pilfered from the city morgue and found out that this corpse was once a host to a necromantic parasite most likely implanted by a being called a Shogaraut (A piece of a stillborn god called an Atropal). Artyom and Lukas were then visited by an old “acquaintance” of Artyom’s, a rare if not unique Boneforged Warforged by the name of VU-47. After some minor introductions Number 47 is accepted into the house and stood in the corner staring at Artyom for the rest of the evening.

Nikolay and Caspar returned and relayed the information they had gained from the Sister’s soup kitchen and the group had a discussion about the general well being and health of the overall populous of Karrlakton. The group then decided that due to the cities proximity to the Mournelands people are overcome by some kind of magical effect that causes sluggishness and depression. Nikolay and Caspar then decided to head back to the soup kitchen to not raise suspicion and Artyom suggested it would be safer to send 47 with them this time as reconnaissance and it backfired right in their faces when a black cloaked humanoid attacks 47 from behind and fills the area with darkness. The group eventually cornered and killed the assailant as well as taking a smaller cloaked figure captive. After some “interrogation” the group let the little thing go and had 47 follow it. 47 returned letting the group know that the little thing entered a small door at the back of the Sister’s soup kitchen and that he knows where they hid the key.

The group waited until dark and headed for the soup kitchen. They entered from the back and killed the guards including an former Sentinel Marshall by the name of Lord Raith. Artyom asked a captive a few questions and is told about “The Thinking God” then mercifully suffocated him. They then start to search the premises and are interrupted by the Matron of the establishment Matron Corine and Artyom gave 47 the kill order and she was abruptly liberated from life. The group found an old storage room and Lukas used a spell to detect secret doors and one is found. They continue down into a cave which most likely lead into the Underdark where they are attacked by some Gricks and an Umberhulk. After they are dealth with the group continued on until they enter a large room inhabited by an Otyugh and a bunch of those cloaked humanoids.

After a tough battle the group was victorious and search the rest of the rooms where they found a strange gnome looking thing molding bone like it was clay and Lock standing in the corner watching. The gnome like creature was rendered unconscious and “interrogated” by Artyom and mind read by Lucas where they find out that the “Thinking God” is a dead Mindflayer locked in a room below. Artyom examined Lock and determined that he was infested with a parasite and will try to extract it the following morning after some well deserved rest. The next morning Artyom raised some undead minions and started getting ready for Lock’s surgery.

Good old fashioned corpse robbery. Or episode 2.
Some of the group become "gainfully employed."

After a week of well deserved R&R in the “lovely” city of Vedykar, our intrepid heroes receive a letter from a member of the Order to meet in a well known bar. They meet with their contact Alexander Karlov, and he explains the situation: People in this part of Karrnath are succumbing to a virulent plague, and many of them are dying. The House Jorasco clinic is treating “as many as they can” and disposing of the rest by contracting an outside courier company to deliver them to an unknown location for incineration. The Order would like the group to secretly obtain a shipment of said plague ridden corpses and deliver them to a secret rendezvous point. The group agrees and sits around to plan the heist.

After a few drinks and some polite conversation Artyom suggests that he infiltrates the local Jurasco Clinic to make friends and find out which courier company is transporting the bodies. Artyom successfully infiltrates (applies for a position as a nurse and gets hired) the clinic and easily makes friends with the other orderlies. After a few days, Artyom is invited to the local pub for drinks with his new found friends. He quickly tells Cas and Luke to meet him there, and a lovely time is had by all.

Near the end of the night, Artyom (through is winning personality and natural-born charm) singles out a nurse who is sympathetic to their cause. He buys her a few more drinks and she starts talking politics. In her mild rant about how “Us Karrns are relying too much on outsiders” she mentions that the plague corpses are being removed from the clinic by a courier bearing the mark of a purple griffon. Relieved, the group waits a polite amount of time before calling it a night.

The group decides to let Cas get a job at said courier to find out who is taking the delivery. Cas is successfully hired and finds out who the drivers will be and where they like to go for drinks after work. Artyom them makes a mild poison that should give the two delivery men a good old fashioned case of the runs and Luke slips it into their food and drink the night before. Cas is then asked to drive one of the Corpse Carts in place of the two “sick” drivers. The group then decides that they are going to drug the other driver and switch out the plague corpses for old corpses. Artyom then contacts Alexander and asks him if they can get a couple carts full of old corpses and a wand of Restore Corpse. Alexander agrees and Artyom whips up a sedative and mixes it in with some whiskey.

During the trip, Cas has a bit of trouble convincing Mike (the other driver) to drink the laced whiskey. Through peer pressure and general hazing, Cas eventually gets the other driver to drink the sedative laced adult beverage and they steal the bodies, switching them with the dummy corpses. Cas then wakes up Mike and they deliver the goods. Meanwhile Artyom and Lukas deliver the plague corpses to a man in black riding on a skeletal horse. Artyom sighs in admiration and they return to Vedykar.

Downtime Shenanigans

Artyom studies the body of the nonsense chanter and finds a strange suppressible/dispersible divination aura on all dead bodies that for some reason only he can see.

Caspar does some drinking.

Lukas learns some new spells.

A note, an offer, cold blooded murder and the desecration of corpses. Or Episode 1.
So. A lawyer, a "paladin" and a necromancer walk into a bar.

Our intrepid “heroes” (?) Artyom the Necromancer, Lukas the Lawyer, and Caspar the now paladin of Vol and former paladin of Boldrei are asked by Dimitri Arahn an agent of the Order of the Emerald Claw to help rid Karrnath of Marcus ir’Laneski. Dimitri expains to the group that ir’Laneski is a Karrnathi official who supports the decommission of Karrnath’s Necroarsenal and King Kaius III’s order to ban the Blood of Vol. The group agrees and Artyom is barely able to hide his excitement when Dimitri mentions that one of the guards will be a Bugbear from the Lhesh Haruuc’s elite soldiers. The group agrees and spends the next day preparing for the journey and task at hand.

The group meets at the designated spot a few days later, and they begin their journey across Karrnath’s “beautiful” countryside to Lakeside. When they get to their destination Dimitri lets them know that he will scout up ahead and let them know when the caravan with ir’Laneski is near. Mr. Tenenbaum (Lukas) sends his feathered friend Mordecai the Raven to fly around and do bird stuff. After doing bird stuff Mordecai comes back and reports that Dimitri spent about 15 minutes arguing and yelling at a tree. Telling it “Not to bring his mother into this”. The group, slightly confused at what is going on, decide to have Mordecai keep an eye out on the well adjusted and totally sane individual “just in case”. Artyom then has the group hide his three skeletal minions in the middle of the pathway by covering them with dirt and leaves.

When the caravan shows up, the guards notice that something is amiss and combat ensues. The group only suffers one casualty: poor, poor Skeleton minion number one. The group loot the bodies and divvy up the goods, Artyom taking the Bugbear and two of the soldiers while Caspar and Lukas take some of their equipment to fence later on, like normal people. Dimitri interrogates/reads ir’Laneski’s mind with some strange whisper magic and subsequently breaks his neck. Artyom then finds a strange box glowing with a magical aura in the back of their newly acquired caravan and has his good friend and trusty minion Skeleton number two open it. When nothing happens, Artyom wakes the last surviving unconscious caravan guard and has him open it to tell him what is inside. When nothing happens, he kills the guard and gives the box to Dimitri, who explains that it is a magic item that is used to secretly disrupt the magic used to create some of the necroarsenal.

Dimitri then tells the group that ir’Laneski knew of the whereabouts of Brother Savinal the Blesser, a cleric of Boldrei that is an avid supporter of the destruction of the necroarsenal and part of a growing trend of sovereign host clerics from other countries coming and trying to seduce the people away from the Blood of Vol. Dimitri asks the group to help end his assistance and they agree. During the travels, Dimitri lets the group know that Brother Savinal will be accompanied by two Holy Zealots of Boldrei and a bunch of commoners who just can’t get enough of him.

Worried about the zealots, Artyom replenishes his minion ranks with some healthy necromantic rituals and dark magic. Worried about Savinal’s ability to detect evil auras, Artyom decides to have his Skeletal friends load up the new acquired caravan with earth so that they can hide behind it, then casts undetectable alignment on himself and Caspar so they may ambush the oncoming group of goodie goodies without risking early detection. The plan works reasonably well and combat breaks out. Just as our intrepid heroes think they have the upper hand one of the commoners starts panicking and muttering nonsense that just happens to be some words of power, stunning the group for several seconds. Luckily for them Artyom’s most capable friend and companion Bugbear Skeleton Butch was immune to the nonsense words and continued to do what he does best, liberating jerks of their wretched existences. When the mumbling magic savant breathes his last breath, the area erupts in a torrent of magical energies bleaching the flora in the area and rendering the heroes unconscious for a short period of time. After some recovery, the group mourns the loss of Skeletal Minions 1-4 and loot the dead. They gather what they need and in Artyom’s case want and then leave for the lightning rail to meet up in a nearby city of Vedykar.

Emerald Claw Pathfinder
A tale of moral ambiguity

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